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Product Manager and Product Leader. Writing from experience. Often caffeinated. Passionate about what I do. Senior Manager for Product @talabat, Delivery Hero

A while ago, I noticed a pattern occurring in the Product team I worked in. Despite our many years of experience in product development, when deadlines were tight our approach to product validation would suffer. We’d rush to deliver solutions and would often find out after costly hours spent in development that we were carrying big value and usability risks. This drastically reduced the impact of the work we were doing.

My solution to this problem was to create a template for Product Managers to use during the solution-definition and delivery phases, enabling us to validate our solutions at pace…

As product managers, or leaders in other roles, colleagues often look to us to decide which features to invest in, and when. The reality is there’s rarely a simple answer to the question “what next?”, but rather than guessing, there are several approaches being used in the industry that greatly help in finding opportunities, analysing their impact and shipping them efficiently.

We’ve put some of these to the test at Property Finder and wanted to share several effective backlog creation and prioritisation techniques that are having a real impact on our product development.

1. Objective decision-making

Before diving into prioritisation techniques, I wanted…

Rose Marsh

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